Not a lot going on...

 Love it when Stacey sends pics of Bailey to me.  This is one of the onesies that I got her. This is her "I miss "Aunt" Heather face

 This is her "Mommy, May is a really long time for me to wait to see "Aunt" Heather

Stacey told her "we can Skype with her later" and Bailey says "Well ok."

Also, any family members that would like to text me pics of the kiddosor have Skype dates, I'd appreciate them too. :)

1-24-12 It's not been as hard as I thought to do SouthBeach again.  I have missed breads only a little.  The main thing I've missed has been my coke.  (And yes, I've had a few failure days with that.)  Thanks to some help and encouragement from my west coast family, I've done pretty well this week.........
                  I lost 5lbs!!!!!  Bringing my total to 15lbs.  Woohoo!
I rewarded myself with a much needed massage :) to finish off my relaxing day off.
Not much else to report about this week.  I guess I've been catching up on sleep and working and that was about it until Sunday.

1-29-12 Kelly has a membership to Gold's gym in Hendersonville so we went there in the afternoon.  I walked/jogged on the treadmill for 30 mins and did some weights.  (It wasn't as hard as I imagined getting back into the gym, but my lungs sure were not too happy with me.)
Afterwards I felt accomplished and energized.  I came home to work on my coupon strategies for the week.  The Sunday paper in Nashville is a gold mine for coupons.
 This was the site of my bed. I was surrounded, sitting Indian style, by coupons, my computer, notepad, and circulars. I sat for 2 hours getting organized.  I still had on my socks from the gym and got up to get a snack from downstairs.  I fell somehow slipped on the first step and went sliding down about 5 steps.  Thankfully I didn't do a roly poly down the entire flight of stairs.  No bruises yet, but I'm pretty sore.  This will probably put a slight damper on my fitness for the week, but I'm definitely going to stay on track with my eating.  That's all about that.
For all my non family readers, please keep my baby cousin, Rigsby, in your prayers.  (Pic from Christmas)
She was born very early and has had some complications because of that.  She's in the hospital right now and I'd greatly appreciate prayers for her complete healing. Thanks!