What's up or down with me...

Not too much to post this week. I worked 6 days this week. I went in for a girl who had a Doctor's appt. I got a new regular client and a new request out of working that day so I was pretty pumped. I went to the chiropractor and am feeling pretty great. I found a couple that are Christians who believe in massage and chiropractic together.
I saw this pic on fb and had to copy it.  The Nashville skyline in black and pretty!
1-19-12 Heather, Christy, and I went to Suzy Wong's house of yum after work. It's restaurant week in Nashville which means several of the local places have deals.  It's obviously a great way to get people to try some of the places that they usually wouldn't go to because of price or whatever.  Christy got the three course deal which came with this wonderful dessert. It was like a fried wonton pastry that had a brownie inside of it.  I didn't try the brownie, but the shell tasted just like a funnel cake. Delish!
1-17-12 I got the chance to meet one of the nicest and best writers in Nashville, David Lee.  Not only that, but he was playing to a room full of musicians, writers, publishers, and song pitchers.   Hit songs include "Lucky Man," "Letters From Home," "Roll With It," "Hello World," "I Need You," "19 Somethin,'" and more.

This was also the day I'd weighed myself again and....

I lost 10lbs!!! Now that's some kind of encouragement. I'm sure that won't be typical, but I'll take it. Also amazing since I cheated a little...see above photo.  I don't want to say my goal in lbs, but I do want to look fabulous when I go to Valdosta in May for Lindsey Davis' wedding. Prayers still appreciated for my brain to get on the healthy track as well. Hope everyone has a great week!