Christmas in Georgia-Christmas Day

Waking up on Christmas morning at my Mom's house was different.  After all, it's something I haven't done in 4 years.  I actually went and woke up my mom just like I did as a kid.  I went in the kitchen to make hash brown casserole to take to my Grandparent's home and had a moment.  My Dad was the cook of the family and all the baking, measuring, and pans were my Dad's. I remembered how he poured his love into cooking for our family on the eve of every Holiday.  I miss him so much. Then I pulled myself together and remembered he'd want me to be happy on Christmas!
 Santa left something out for my Mom.  (I figured she deserved to be able to open one present before we did the big swap tonight.  Also, all the pics she had of me, I had blonde hair.)  Thanks to Santa for my present as well!
This was my funny pic of the morning with the caption...this is as close as you will get to seeing me in my pjs.

A tradition at my house on Thanksgiving and Christmas...I'd make cinnamon rolls for breakfast

Christmas at my Grandma & Grandaddy's in Camilla, GA

He really is a happy brother...He just hates taking pictures
I asked if I could take a pic of her bangs since I now have them and love hers.  This is the face she gave me!  I love you, Whit!

Annyson and the girls helping Aunt Susie/Grandma open her gifts

I'll love you forever, I'll like you for always, As long as I'm living, my babies you'll be~!
You bless my socks off whenever we are together!  You make me want to be a better person.  Thanks for always being so a great influence/cousin/friend in my life!  I love you!!!
These boys!!!  Stone Cold
Halfway in between

My Uncle Timmy opening my Granparents presents.  His hugs when we walk in the door are the best
The Warrens
Nothing like a little group chaos
My Uncle Scott thought upgrading my 80 something year old parents' tvs for Christmas would be a good idea.  They got my Grandaddy's tv hooked up and this is my Grandma's mounted.  Unfortunately all these great minds couldn't get it up and running.

Aunt Ann loves to spoil us with sweets at the Holidays.  I'm gonna say this was like Emma's 3rd baby cupcake

fuzzy but still cool pic of Harrison and his Uncle Sam
he was more interested in my bracelet than me, but I stole all his kisses anyways!  I did really good.  I was very patient when he arrived and let everyone else have their turn first.  Yes, I'm patting myself on the back....look at that ball of cuteness!  Wouldn't you want to get your hands on him asap!  Love You Harrison Dean Duvall!
the other Aunt Heather wanted her turn with you too

Uncle Jay swinging Annyson
Great pic!
me and my Mama

Uncle Jay's turn with Harrison

who knows what they were getting into

Emma loves babies!  She wanted to hold H and then she said ok he's heavy.  lol
Love this one
Annyson was rolling around on the bed at Grandma's.  She came right to me even after not seeing me for a couple of months so that made my heart happy!

Heather sorting through all of the girl's new clothes
I love these munchkins!

"Billy" playing catch with her Daddy and "Kitty" getting some love from her Mommy
"Ooh I love it" I think were her exact words.  I totally scored on her presents this year!
Emma was ready to show us her singing karaoke skills
This was my favorite!
Willow House plates to add to her love of everything red
Opening his gift card to Jos A Banks, where else?
I'm glad Heather and my Mom can keep the economy going strong at Merry Marketplace each year!
My heart starting beating again when they told me they got it at TJ Maxx
Ella Grace playing with their Barbie jet
Emma jumped right in to playing with their manicure station

Toy from Aunt Wilma & Uncle Roy
Also from Aunt Wilma & Uncle Roy  They were so excited!  I can remember getting presents from them as a child. Love them so much!!!

look at all that detail in the Barbie jet
waiting for their presents

their Stephen Joseph book bags from Aunt Heather
princess bracelets

activity pads

their annual ornaments

 Playing Uno tilt with the Wilchers...good ole PG fun!
 Had to take a pic of Lance and his beard.  I haven't seen him have one like this in a while.  Sandra and the kiddos were already in their pjs so no pics of them.