Christmas in Georgia-12-28-11

 Loved going to see my best friend, Brooke, and her kiddos.  Rylin wanted to show me all her toys.  I can't believe how mature she sounds.
Karsyn is a little ham.  She wanted me to tickle her the whole time I was there.  Brooke was on the go the whole time trying to potty train Karsyn, doing laundry, helping put together puzzles, and making lunch.  I'm so proud of her as a Mommy!
I had lunch with Kasey and Lauren at Baytree Pizza.  I'd been craving it since October. lol.  Kasey had to rush back to work before I could get a pic so it's just me and Lauren. (and the sunshine in my eyes.) Kasey shared some good news today, but I can't post about it yet.  Stay tuned.
 Me and Bailey Brooke Bass

 checking out the ornament I got her
 I got a grin and it made me so happy!
 Stacey is such a great Mama!
 I kept her for a couple of hours until Stacey could get home from work.  This is what she did most of the time.  Stacey cooked me breakfast for supper to fuel me up for the long drive home.  (It's getting harder and harder to make that drive.  Both coming and going, at about hour 6, I feel like I'm going to lose my mind!)
 Happy in her bouncy seat
Snug in my arms

I had a great, but short trip to Georgia.  It's kinda crazy to think that I won't be coming back until May 2012....for a wedding, what else?  I'm happy with my life in Nashville and need to start growing my roots.  It doesn't mean I don't miss my family and friends.  It's just I feel this is right where I'm supposed to be for "such a time as this"
Love to all my readers!!