December Shenanigans

 My work friends and I went out for a quick bite at 360 after work and then swapped presents.  I think they kinda think I like the GA bulldogs or something. lol
 Grapes from 360 covered in a marscarpone cheese mixture covered in finely chopped nuts.  So delicious!
 First present with my "new" name on it
 Heather has given me another nickname
 Check out this cool vintage calendar!  I love it.  The pages are even perforated so I could frame any of them if I wanted to.

 We had Secret Santa's at work.  Mine got me this awesome gloves, matching scarf, lip balm and peppermint candle.
 Christy, Jeremy, and I went to see Shadrack's Christmas Wonderland
 The world's largest drive-through, fully synchronized LED Christmas light and music show.

 the entrance

12-20-11 Quinn and me at jackson's for dinner.  The Brindger/Vallotton family came up to have Christmas with the Mraz family.  Rose watched the kiddos so we could go out on the town.  Holding up W's for Whitney!  We just needed her with us!
 It was supposed to rain so we all grabbed rain jackets or umbrellas.  Joe borrowed him from the Gorton's fisherman. hehe   I got a little sentimental when I saw Quinn and very much so when I saw Rose, her mom.  I didn't know Rose and Alex were coming up too.
 Alex, me, Quinn, and Joe
 the new brothers in law
 fav pic of the night
 the crew
 Keeping it all in the family singing some karaoke
 Alex was getting into it with the dj's help
 the newlyweds.  Check out Q's Christmas present...the earrings she wore in her wedding

 Bayh and Alex

 Ready for a fun night
 12-19-11 Raeanna and I went out for a last minute dinner
 So delicious that I think I went into a food coma
 I love coming home to Christmas cards!!  This day I got 11 and the next I got 15=Happiness
 My new highlights!  I love them too!  I tried a different girl at the Salon and she nailed just what I wanted
 Stolen from fb!  I love these little girls with all my heart and soul!!!!!!!
Note to self: next year, don't make the only bit of open floor in your bedroom your Christmas wrapping station