Christmas in Georgia-12-26-11

First on my agenda for Monday...a massage from my sweet friend, Amanda.  I was very relaxed afterwards and forgot to take a pic of us so here's one I took for advertising purposes a couple of years ago.

Jenny & I went to lunch at Bleu Cafe.  An extra treat was running into Emily Miller and Jenny Miller Taubel.  I just wish I had taken their pic too.  After a great catch up lunch with gripes and laughs, we went back to Jenny's house to see the kiddos.  Charlotte colored me a pic and Vivian couldn't decide between wanting to play with me or playing shy.  Ben is growing up so quickly!
 A quick visit with Jessica was good to my heart!  I can't believe how big their girls are getting!!!
 dinner with Liz, Max, and Austin & Morgan Thomas
 Devin & Karen were in town from Nashville as well.  I told him the first night I saw his car at his mom's house..."it's kinda weird that we are literally right around the corner from each other".  Our Mom's live in the same neighborhood.  After i gave my Mom a tutorial on how to download music on her iPhone, I picked D & K up.  We went to do a little window shopping and then decided to go old school and play some pool.  There's not much to do in Valdosta on Monday after Christmas after all.  Devin's brother, Omar, met us too.
Of course Devin ran the table just like he used to do.

Karen and I cheered on the guys and played a few not so great games ourselves.