Christmas in Georgia-12-27-11

The things you do for friends...So Melanie cut her thumb open on Christmas morning trying to open a toy package.  Dr Hogan fixed her up the best he could and scheduled her for surgery with Dr Bearden on Tuesday am.  I went to the house at 6:45am to hang out with the boys. I got in the bed with Bay for the first hour while everyone was still sleeping.  Then when Mills woke me up, we all went to Ashton's room to watch Kung Fu Panda followed by a group party in their parents bed to watch The Smurfs.   I love those boys!!!
Lunch at 306 North with Amanda and Emerson.  She fell asleep midway through lunch.  It might be just a bit funny where exactly she passed out!
Look at that sweet face!!
Heather and I took the girls to the movies to see the new Chipmunks movie.  I was impressed that Emma stayed awake the whole time and we only had one bathroom break. :)  Ella Grace shared her skittles with me!  So sweet!!
Tuesday night was all about the Cousins!  I love when we can get together.  We love each other so much and I'm so thankful to God for that!  We started the night at the new Valdosta restaurant, Steel Magnolias.  It was very delicious.  We ended the night at The Bistro.  Great quality time!!!
Kristy's sister, Brooke, also got to hang out with us!  Love her too!

Joe and Quinn even stopped by to hang out a bit.
Best Buds
Quinn took the liberty of taking a pic of herself when I asked her to take the family photo. lol
The bankers

The whole crew...(thanks to Gigi and Grandma for watching the little ones!)

I went back to Sam & Kristy's after we left to spend a little more time with the family.  It was fun surprising Aunt Susie!  I loved looking at Harrison and Annyson sleeping on the baby monitors.  It was very cool to see Whitney being such a wonderful Mom, just like I knew she'd be!