"The Place You Didn't Expect to Be"

1-16-12 This was the title of the sermon from Sunday!  I never expected to be 30 and single.  I never expected to lose my Father at 26 and the emotional toll it would have on my life.  I never expected to move to a whole new state and start a brand new life.
The sermon was just what I needed to hear.  It was based on Gen 37, 39-40, and 50.  You can hear the whole sermon here: full sermon
 I decided to do this post in an effort to remind myself and hopefully help someone else.

Pastor David talked about the story of Joseph.  He was definitely in a place he didn't expect to be when his brothers sold him into slavery, yet he continued to serve the Lord.
The notes I got from it were
1. Live in the present: Joseph didn't look back at the wounds that had been inflicted on him.  This is the day the Lord has made.  His mercies are new each day.
2. Beware of bitterness: Heb 12:15 Bitterness can be passed on. We can choose to have a good attitude. Gen 40:6-7
3. Practice the presence of God: Gen 39:9,40:8,41:16 it was about God all the time. God knows where we are.  He hasn't forgotten us.  We must trust his plan. God is in total control and will accomplish his plan.  Rom 8:28, Gen 50 (you meant it for harm, but God meant it for good) For several yrs Joseph prayed for God to deliver him and it wasn't until much later that he was delivered. He still served the Lord while he waited.
4. Be alert to temptation: Be careful to not play the victim-it could lead to you trying to excuse sin.
5. Choose to forgive: Gen 45:3,14-15 God was doing something bigger in the life of Joseph than just his brothers betraying him-it wasn't about that. Let Go & Let God! You don't have control over how others react.  You do have control of how you react. Choosing not to forgive is like continuing to slowly poison your life.