I had Kasey's wedding this weekend so I was extremely busy. I was very glad to help make her day special in any way I could. It was a very hot busy weekend, but Im glad I was apart of it. I'll post pics soon. I dropped my camera while I was running around before the ceremony with my flowers. It may be silly, but please pray it will be able to be fixed. I can't afford a new camera right now and obviously have lots of things to take pictures of. I was a little ill a few times throughout the weekend and last week. I don't think I have been more vocally ill because I am trying to deal with my emotions. However, I do feel like I don't have such a great outlook on life right now so it makes me be more ill sometimes.

Last week was Bible conference at church. This meant getting off work and going straight to church 3 nights in a row. Honestly it was such a blessing through the chaos. However, I still wonder how it's possible to be so filled with the Spirit and yet so emotionally unstable.

I have a busy week ahead of me with work before I leave for my mission trip to Mexico on Sat. I will give you more info on that later.

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