I do want to clarify my last post. I am a Christian. I do ultimately want to serve the Lord each day because that is the only reason I was created. Being a Christian doesnt mean that I won't struggle. It just means that I have an eternal hope that once this world passes away, I will live with my creator in Heaven, praising Him and rejoicing for all of eternity. (much better than the alternative) So if you read one day that I am happy and the next day that I am sad, you will understand. The reason for this post was because last night I was so filled with God's love and power. (I still am) I just happened to go home and crawl in my bed and cry for my dad. It doesnt mean I have any less faith when I say I am having a bad day. It just means I am tired and I miss my dad. It's an adjustment to live 26 years of your life with someone and suddenly lose them. So take my teary complaining words with a grain of salt and go hug all the people you love!

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