Ok so part of this is from a ranting I wrote down before I had my blog, but I think it still is relevent. I also heard a lesson last night at church about the preeminence of Christ. It was out of Colossians and focused on Jesus being the center of everything. It is a basic Christian principle. Everyone knows it. One part of the sermon hit me in particular. (Maybe I wasn't supposed to focus on this part, but I did). The preacher was talking about how Jesus is the Head of the church in the ruling sense and the physical sense. Without the brain/head to tell the body what to do, there would be choas. (ofcourse he used someone who has had a stroke and one side of their body doesnt work properly as an example-that ex. didnt thrill me but I took it for what it was worth. And for what this is worth I know my dad wouldnt have wanted to live with only one side working and dependent on others for everything-I know he's in a better place!) ok back on track...So the preacher then gave an example of if even one part of the body is hurt or absent the rest of the body doesnt work properly. He said he stepped on a nail and way back then didnt think to get a tetanus shot. He laid in bed that night and while his foot was the only injured party, his entire body could not rest bc of the pain. He gave that example to make a point that Christians should not lay out of church. He also said that if a member is hurting, we should hurt with them and if a member is happy we should be happy with them. That leads me to my old rantings...
We cling heartily to scripture when we are in valleys when we should be shouting them to others all the time. Thinking about Timothy and Paul and the love that Paul had for him. His words were to be his last as he was writing them in prison. Do you think Timothy would have paid any more attention to them if they werent Paul's last words? Read 2 Timothy 1:3-paraphrasing-I remember you in my prayers day and night. My point is that sometimes we are so flippant to say, "I'm praying for you" or the normal catch phrases we spit out. What would happen if Christians put their money where their mouth is? What would happen if instead of telling someone, "I'm praying for you," you stop with that person right in that moment and prayed for them? I believe the compassion Jesus had is more than just sympathy. I believe it's sympathy with action. Try it sometime...I bet you and the other person will be blessed!
That's all the sermon I have for today.

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