I attempted to plant some flowers that were sent to me. Unfortunately it was a little too late. I let them sit in the sun too long. I learned that digging in the dirt is a little therapy in itself. Now, I never thought I would like to do this because I am a priss and sweat enough inside let alone if I'm outside. Anyways, it made me sad/mad that I couldnt make these plants live. So I went to Lowe's and bought some gladiolus bulbs. I dug into the hard ground of my front flower beds and planted them. I made my hands red and hurt in doing so. I plucked the weeds by hand and cleared the way for these flowers to bloom. I watered and watered. A week or so passed and no blooms, just weeds. So I plucked them away again. A week or so passed again and the weeds came back. So I dug deeper and pulled the weeds. i continued to water. Last week I noticed the flowers were starting to come out, well the green stems of them. I hope soon I will be able to see the colors and blooms.

I'm sure weeds are a good analogy for me as a Christian. You accept Jesus into your heart but if you don't cultivate your relationship with Him, you will only produce weeds instead of "fruit". (evidence of your salvation) Also sometimes we decide to take wrong paths and end up with weeds. It is our choice to serve the Lord. It is a moment by moment choosing to die to self and to live for Christ.

I also feel like this can be an analogy for my emotions. Once I get through one feeling another one is burrowing its way up. I will think positively to think that one day the beauty will return again.

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