A big pat on the back and some internet praise for my doctor, Tommy Hobby. I went for my cholesterol checkup today. A lovely little present both of my parents gave to me...bad cholesterol! (and the fact that I like bad food doesnt help either) Anyways, I had determined I was going to do just fine when I went to see him, knowing I havent seen him since the funeral and he's not just my doctor, but my friend. I was waiting patiently in the lobby and saw a 50 something woman bring in her 81 yr old father to see the doctor. No big deal. Well, they were sitting behind me and she was filling out his paperwork. She said now daddy isnt your birthday...? I just felt a ping. A few minutes later when I got into the room, I lost it. I cried and told my nurse/friend Leigh Ann what happened. Then I cried to Tommy. Now in reality I don't know that I wouldve been thrilled to take my daddy to the doctor at 81, but not having the opportunity sucks. He calmed me down and told me something so simple, but it finally made it through my thick skull(also something handed down from Bill Butler). He said nobody had the same relationship as you and your daddy did so no one will grieve for him the same way you are. That made sense. Everyday people say, everyone grieves differently, but that doesnt make me feel comfortable about the way I am handling it. It just makes me question myself even more. He also said he'd be worried about me if I wasnt grieving. Whew! I had a happy cry all the way back to work.

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